From the dawn of time till the end of the universe, there will always be music.



Chandelier by Sia (Acoustic)

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do i ever cross your mind?
cause you’re on mine all the time
i can’t believe how unfair life is sometimes
find a way to close the door
and be okay with nothing more but
i found you once, you’re lost again
two thousands miles took what could’ve been

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There’s no rush anymore, time’s on my side, all my worries are gone, I’m enjoying the ride.


Buy The Stars | Marina and the Diamonds


What You Waiting For - Marina and The Diamonds (Originally by Gwen Stefani)


Boyfriend l Marina & The Diamonds (Justin Bieber cover)


May Music Challenge: Day 4

january to december, do you wanna be a member?

lonely hearts club

do you want to be with somebody like me?

i still daydream that you’ll stop by
and when my phone rings
i want your voice on the line
it’s not about anybody else
this hurts like hell but i know
i need it for myself

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Forgot to post this last “Villains” track in my drafts. Envy and Todd’s full theme. <3

easily my favorite song of the movie.

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